Most professionals and managers want to know whether the measures implemented are having an effect. But it is time-consuming to collect figures and overviews to get an overview, and to carry out reporting.

In Assistert Self-Help, users can record data during a process - which is useful for both them, the professional who provides follow-up - and personnel responsible for activity and reporting.


We have solutions for self-reporting from users that can be used from inquiry to closure, in all types of processes:

  1. Admission mapping can be used for all enquiries, regardless of whether the user is offered follow-up.
  2. Measurements during the course are integrated into tools for follow-up, also in conversation-based courses.
  3. Final mapping will compare symptom development with the measurement that was carried out in the admission survey.


Data collected in the statistics solution is displayed without the possibility of identifying individuals (aggregated). 

Users have the right to delete their own data. It is only when users actively delete their data that they will not be able to be obtained in the statistics solution.


Assisted Self-Help today has a solution for statistics with the main emphasis on effectiveness and the use of coping tools. 

We are working on a significant upgrade. The goal of the new solution is for relevant personnel in the business to be able to easily access important information related to enquiries, waiting lists, demographics, active users, allocation of measures, course duration, effect and satisfaction.

The new solution is planned to be available to all businesses in autumn/winter 2023.