Last updated: 06.11.2023

The conditions are valid from 01.09.2022 and supersedes all previous service agreements and conditions.

This agreement regulates the contractual relationship between Virksomheter and Assistert Selvhjelp AS, corporate no. 998504163. Terms in this agreement apply to Businesses, and persons acting as part of this. By purchasing and using Assistert Selvhjelp's products and services, the Business confirms having read, understood, and agrees to the contents of this agreement. The business is obliged to inform its users about the relevant content of this agreement.


Assistert Selvhjelp AS ("Assistert Selvhjelp") is responsible for the websites,, and associated digital services ("Websites").

Assistert Selvhjelp develops technology to create internet-assisted treatment ("Author Tool"). Based on this, various products and functions are offered (for example "Management tools" and "Mapping tools").

Overall, Websites, products that are developed with Author Tools (and associated functionality) are described as "Services".

A "Business" is a unit/department in a public or private organization that offers Services to end users.

An "End User" is a person who has gained access to Services via Businesses.

Employees in a Business can have the roles "Contact person" and "Professional".

The agreement consists of:

  1. General conditions and privacy.
  2. Data Processor Agreement- conditions for Assistert Selvhjelp's processing of personal data on behalf of the Business.
  3. Information provided when ordering, possibly separately agreed terms.

Agreement conclusion

Assisted Self-Help does not require a signature when entering into an agreement. The applicable sales terms and conditions in the Data Processor Agreement are available on the website. In the event of a conflict between the terms of the agreement, what has been separately agreed between the parties takes precedence, as long as it does not conflict with non-derogable legislation. No provisions in the agreement shall be interpreted in such a way that the Business is deprived of rights in accordance with inalienable law, or rights upon entering into this agreement. 

If the Business wishes to be signed, the agreement will be signed electronically unless otherwise agreed. In these cases, the signed agreement will apply.


Unless otherwise agreed, Assistert Selvhjelp can publish which Businesses use Services. This will usually mean that we use the Company's name, and possibly logo on websites, or in other public contexts. If applicable, we also assume that we have permission to share the Company's contact details with relevant interested parties who want to exchange experiences, without obtaining prior consent. The business can of course reserve such use by notifying Assistert Selvhjelp in writing by post or email.

Changes to the service agreement

The business accepts that Assistert Selvhjelp reserves the right to make minor adjustments and changes to the agreement available on the website, for example to simplify or clarify language. However, this only applies as long as the changes cannot be considered a deterioration of the original terms agreed with the Business.

Assistert Selvhjelp is obliged to notify the Business of significant changes to this agreement, including any matter which restricts the Business' right of use or which otherwise changes the parties' obligations or rights. If the Business does not accept the new terms for the Service, and Assistert Self-Help cannot deliver the service in accordance with what has been agreed, the Business can demand that the agreement be terminated immediately. In that case, the business can demand a refund that is in proportion to unused Services as used/unused and time remaining in the agreement.

In the event of changes in the applicable legislation, a final judgment that provides a different interpretation of the applicable law, or changes in the service/assignment agreement that require changes to the Data Processor Agreement, the parties shall cooperate to update the agreement accordingly.

Notification of significant changes must be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address specified as the contact address for the customer relationship. The business is responsible for keeping contact information up to date, until the customer relationship ends.

Contact information

Complaints and privacy requests can be directed to

Assisted Selvhjelp AS
Sødal Terrace 44


Choice of law, conflict and dispute resolution

This agreement shall be governed by Norwegian law. Complaints are addressed to Assistert Self-Help within a reasonable time.

If there is a defect in the service, the Business must report the defect to Assistert Selvhjelp as soon as possible and within a reasonable time after it was discovered or should have been discovered. The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes amicably.

If the dispute is not resolved amicably within thirty - 30 - days after one of the parties has notified the other party of the dispute, the dispute shall be resolved by the ordinary courts.

The parties adopt the Kristiansand district court as venue.


Terms of use of the Service

Assistert Selvhjelp delivers Services to Businesses to a defined extent by special agreement, and with specific terms of use and associated limitations. Exceptions to these conditions must be clarified in writing in advance.

The individual Business can give its own employees access to the Service. Employees can assign available Services on to End Users that the Business is tasked with serving. A single access to the Service must never be made available to several End Users, or otherwise made publicly available (on websites or elsewhere).


Personal data that Assistert Selvhjelp processes on its own behalf is regulated by the Privacy Policy. By purchasing and using Assistert Selvhjelp's Services, the Business agrees that Assistert Selvhjelp can process personal data about employees that is submitted in accordance with the guidelines in the Privacy Policy.

Unless the Business agrees otherwise, Assistert Self-Help shall only process personal data that is necessary for Assistert Self-Help to be able to fulfill its obligations under the agreement. The business's personal data will only be disclosed to others in statutory cases, or if it is necessary for Assistert Self-help to carry out the agreement with the business.

Access control

The business controls employee access to the Services in a defined organizational unit in the solution. Here is functionality for:

  • Access control of the individual unit.
  • Limited statistics extraction for a single unit.

Defined employees with access to a superior unit have, in addition to functionality available to a single unit, access to:

  • Access control of subunits.
  • Compilation of statistics for several units.
The business is responsible for keeping an overview of employees' access to the Service and access level up to date, until the customer relationship ends. This also includes responsibility for Assistert Selvhjelp having up-to-date information about the contact person and contact details at all times.

Data Processor Agreement 

Personal data that Assistert Self-Help processes on behalf of the Business as a result of using Assistert Self-Help's services is regulated by The data processing agreement.


Employees of the Company are free to contact Assistert Selvhjelp for support throughout the entire agreement period. Response time will normally be within 24 hours, on working days between 9am and 4pm. Support primarily concerns inquiries related to practical use of the service, for example creation of a user and password, access to functionality and corresponding questions related to use of the Service.

Assistert Selvhjelp actively uses feedback in the development of the Service, and we encourage the Business to report experiences, wishes and needs related to the Service. Any errors are corrected as soon as possible by developers on standby. There is no guarantee of correction within response time.

What is not included in support?

In the case of more extensive assistance needs, (for example extended training, development of technical functionality that is not part of the current solution, extended support for establishing or tailoring solutions), an agreement must be made between Assistert Selvhjelp and the Business in the individual case. Additional work is basically carried out against hourly compensation according to the current hourly rate. No costs will be incurred unless this has been agreed upon.


Flex customers:

A Business can purchase a fixed number of accesses for End Users to use defined Services, which are available for 12 months. from the conclusion of the agreement. There is a progressively lower unit price per End User Access the higher the number purchased for a period. The business can renew the agreement before 12 months have passed.

Total customers:

Applies to Businesses with an agreement on the freedom to use defined Services within a geographically defined area. Calculation of the annual price is based on the selected Services and the current population.

The business must keep Assisted Self-Help up to date on which units/departments/services have access to the Services:

Separate units within businesses

Businesses (for example a municipality) can create separate sub-units for the various units/departments that will use the Services, so that access and statistics are kept separately. 

There are additional costs for separate units - which follow the renewal date for packages with coping tools - usually 12 months. 


In order for Assistert Selvhjelp to be able to offer support in accordance with the current conditions, separate units must be created for each unit/department that will receive training and support. The cost is calculated based on the number of separate units, and any Services these must have access to that involve free use.


1. Coping tools for mental health:

Assistert Selvhjelp offers internet-assisted treatment programs for various mental disorders and challenges, which are carried out by end users in combination with follow-up from professionals. The professional has his own functionality for administration and follow-up of End Users (provided that the End User shares data). The target group for the service is End users in the age group 16+ who are direct service recipients in Businesses where mental health care is a core activity, for example Rapid mental health care and mental health services in municipalities or similar activities in the public or private sector.

Assistert+ means that new coping tools developed for the target group are made available to the Business at no extra cost. When establishing Assistert+, the following is included:

  • Setup of a solution for standard mapping in the Business (based on Assistert Selvhjelp's portfolio of available mapping forms).
  • Training in the use of the solution

What is not included in Assistert+?

Assistert Selvhjelp can, by further agreement, assist businesses that want different mapping than is standard and/or support to develop their own content, initially for hourly compensation according to current rates. No costs will be incurred for the Business without a written agreement on additional work being made in advance. Assistert Selvhjelp does not cover external license costs related to the use of rights-entitled mapping tools. 

Future coping tools aimed at new target groups of end users are not included in Assistert+. This may, for example, apply, but is not limited to tools and functionality aimed at other types of core business (for example GPs, NAV or other types of municipal services) and/or new target groups such as (for example children/young people, parents/families, relatives) . Assistert Selvhjelp reserves the right to define the target group in accordance with the aforementioned clarifications.

2. Mapping tools

Assisted Self-Help offers mapping functionality for Businesses. This is defined as an independent service when a Business can use the solution for mapping End Users, regardless of the treatment offered, in order to:

  • Streamline income routines and/or;
  • Evaluate own services across treatment options.

When establishing a mapping solution, the following is included:

  • Setup of standard mapping in the Business based on Assistert Selvhjelp's portfolio of available mapping forms.
  • Summary for professionals (provided that the End User shares data).
  • Training in the use of the solution.

Assistert Selvhjelp reserves the right to define future services and product categories within the Mapping tool. As of today, we offer the following: 

Admission mapping

Survey of inquiries related to mental health problems in the age group 16+. Includes the mappings: My life situation, My resources, My symptoms, My challenges (standard), as well AUDIT and DUDIT (optional) and access to the feedback tools Check in and Check out.

Includes the following reports that are generated after the user has completed the income chart application: Overview of completed mapping, Automatic income note and Recommendation.

Final mapping

The mapping consists of My Symptoms, My Challenges and includes Overview of pre and post scores, as well as Automatic closing note


The mapping has no direct additional cost, but presupposes completed Income mapping, as well as that the End User has been given access to coping tools.

Healthy lifestyle mapping

Mapping for inquiries for use in Wellness units, related to lifestyle challenges in the 16+ age group. Includes the mappings: My life situation, My resources, My health, My function, as well as the feedback tools Check in and Check out.

Includes the following reports that are generated after the user has filled out the Health and Fitness Chart Application: Overview of completed mapping, Automatic income note and Recommendation.

Special conditions for Mapping tools:

New customers, provided they purchase the Assistert+ package, will have access to free use of Income Charting during the contract period, unless otherwise specifically agreed. Wellness mapping can replace Income mapping by further agreement. The business can also have access to both surveys during the agreement period, for an additional cost, by further agreement. 

Fri use of mapping to process inquiries applies within one unit in a geographically defined area. In cases where several units have joint processing of intake or reception functions on behalf of several units in the business, a special agreement on price and use must be made.

What is not included in the Mapping tool?

Assistert Selvhjelp does not cover external license costs related to the use of rights-entitled mapping tools. Assisted Self-Help can, by further agreement, assist Businesses with extended advice and/or support for the adaptation of solutions, initially against hourly compensation according to current rates. No costs will be incurred for the Business without a written agreement on additional work being made in advance.

3. Statistics solution

Defined employees at Flex customers and Total customers will have access to the statistics solution, which consists of anonymised data from End Users in the Business. Statistics that are available include data registered by End Users through Services in Assisted Self-Help, including effect, use and treatment focus.

4. Authoring tools:

Assistert Selvhjelp offers solutions so that businesses and/or professionals can develop their own coping tools or mapping solutions with technology in our authoring tool. A special agreement must be made which, as a minimum, includes training needs, purpose, scope of use, and the need for a data processing agreement. Other applicable conditions must be clearly stated.


Businesses can send their order to or use the contact form on the website. The business is responsible for providing correct contact information when ordering, including the orderer's full name, as well as the business's telephone and email address.

When Assistert Selvhjelp confirms to the Business that the order has been received and accepted, the agreement is considered binding. If one of the parties discovers an error, the other party is informed as soon as possible, without undue delay.

The order confirmation must contain:

  • Information about which Services are included in the agreement
  • Link to the applicable terms of the service agreement.
  • The total price the business must pay. This price includes all taxes and additional costs, unless otherwise specifically agreed.
  • Information about the start date, and any date for renewal.
  • Contact information for support.
  • Specially agreed conditions (if applicable).

It must be clearly stated whether the prices stated are inclusive of value added tax.


If the delivery time is not stated in the ordering solution, Assistert Selvhjelp must deliver the Service to the Business without undue delay and no later than 7 days after the order from the Business.

The business purchases Services from Assistert Selvhjelp in the form of ongoing and time-limited subscriptions, with an agreement period of 12 months at a time. There is no binding period beyond the agreement period. If Assistert Selvhjelp has not received written notice of termination by the expiry date, the services will be renewed continuously and automatically for a new contract period of 12 months at a time.


Businesses are invoiced in advance for the agreement period. Assisted Self-Help can issue an invoice for the Service from the time the Service is ordered. The payment deadline appears on the invoice and is a minimum of 14 calendar days after the invoice date. 

Price changes

Assistert Selvhjelp cannot make price changes for Services during the contract period, but reserves the right to make changes to the current prices upon renewal. When renewing, an annual adjustment of the price based on the consumer price index (SSB) must be expected. 

If Assistert Self-Help should need to make price changes beyond this - in that case it will be done with effect from the start of the new agreement period. The business is notified of this in advance of the agreed renewal date. Notification of price changes must be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address specified as the contact address for the customer relationship.