Get started quickly with useful activities. You get meaningful activities and start your improvement, sooner.


Learn practical skills, techniques and activities that will help you on the path to better mental health.


Full access to the tools at any time and from anywhere. Works on mobile, tablets and computers.


The tools are designed to fit your pace and schedule. It is wise to work regularly.


In addition to psychologist Oskar Blakstad, and psychologist specialist Pål Fylling Helland in Assistert Selvhjelp, a number of external specialists and professionals have contributed to the development and quality assurance of the coping tools we offer, including: 

Torkil Berge, Ingvard Wilhelmsen, Thomas Tobro Wøien, Jan Reidar Stiegler, Anne Hilde Vassbø Hagen, Aksel Sinding, Øyvind Halsøy, Ane Wilhelmsen-Langeland.

Parts of the tools for anxiety, depression and sleep difficulties are based on workbooks made by Molde Municipality, which we have been allowed to use.

The content is continuously improved based on feedback from both users and professionals.

The online tools contain mapping, exercises, tasks and information from evidence-based methods such as cognitive therapy, meta-cognitive treatment and ACT.

The coping tools consist of 6 parts, with short measurements before and after the coping tool is completed. If you fill out Check in the measurements every time you log in, you can easily follow your own development over time.

To access content, you need an access code.

The most common way is to get such an access code via businesses/healthcare services that offer Assisted Self-Help with follow-up to their users.

Do you work in a business? Read more about packages and prices here

If you not have access to Assistert Self-Help elsewhere, it is possible to purchase access directly as a private person (click on the relevant topic/tool at the top of this page).

We would like to point out that the effect is best for most people when the tools are reviewed in combination with regular follow-up from a professional.

Go to the front page of

Enter the access code in the code field and press "OK",

If you receive follow-up from a professional, you should agree to share data, so that the professional can prepare for conversations along the way and follow your development.

In short, no information is stored that can directly identify those who use Assistert Self-Help, as they gain access with the use of unique codes.

There are still two cases where it is relevant to talk about privacy:

1. Do you receive follow-up from a professional or supervisor? read more here

2. Are you buying access as a private individual? read more here

Here you can read our Here you will find our entire privacy policy.

You are anonymous as long as no one can link the access code to personal data about you, but please note the following:

In the case of private purchases via the website, you will be completely anonymous, as long as you do not need a receipt. read more here

If you have been given the access code by a business/health service, you will benefit from the professional who provides you with follow-up being able to follow your progress.

If you still choose not to share your data with the business and change the access code (to another random code), you will remain anonymous.

You can also choose to be anonymised later, for example when follow-up has ended.

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