For new enquiries, professionals can quickly and easily create access to the income mapping in Assistert Self-Help, which the user can fill in on their own.


When the income survey has been completed, the professional receives immediate feedback. This provides a good starting point for the first conversation, and saves the professional time that would otherwise be spent on manually filling in forms and keeping records.


Simple overview of which questionnaires users have completed, with scores, cut-offs and scales shown in clear graphs.

Automatic admission note

As soon as the user finishes the mapping, a suggested text which may be inserted as an admission note is automatically created.


Personalized recommendations based on completed mapping of the user, for the therapist/health care personnel. Automatic suggestion for which tools at Assisted Self-Help may be most suitable for the user, based on how the mapping is answered.

Help for Change and Motivation

Discover how ready the user is to change. If the problems are important to the user, you have faith in the changes, you have time to prioritize working on the change. Get help with possible measures to increase motivation to change.


We offer tools that are suitable for Guided Self-Help, Courses, Groups, or as a supplement to Conversation Process. After income mapping, the user can access one or more tools.

When the course ends, the professional can send out the final mapping. Data recorded by users generates useful aggregated statistics, which can be used for improvement and to simplify reporting.